The Nurtured Womb

Julia Rossmanith Maya Abdominal Healer from Mullumbimby and Byron Bay, for Fertility massage and healing therapy in Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and the  Northern Rivers NSW. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy is an external non-invasive massage technique for reproductive and digestive health. When the uterus and other internal organs are gently and externally guided back to their optimum position, the natural balance of the body is restored. Physical and emotional congestion and tension are alleviated, and vitality is restored. This technique can also enhance fertility.


Our children are deeply connected to our energy and our rhythms, and babies often follow the patterns of their mother's pelvic bowl. Our children therefore benefit greatly when we nurture ourselves and attend to our own needs, to our health and our pelvic flow. HPC assists postpartum healing by restoring balance and core support in the pelvis and assists a woman to integrate the transformation into motherhood. 

 If there has been any trauma or disconnection surrounding the birth, HPC can help to restore the birth field. It also helps to transform any restrictive lineage imprints, so that a woman can more easily mother from a place of joy.


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